The ‘New Media’


The means to advertise and market has evolved. Many innovations have emerged.

The power of New Media is growing. And this has clearly almost wiped out our old ways of communication. The use of snail mail is disappearing because they it can’t compete with digital mail; and many post offices have either shut down or moved to freight services. The only people who still uses the post office for sending letters are probably those living in remote areas in third world countries. In Australia, one report says that the snail mail service dropped from 5.3 billion to 4.5 billion for the past five years.

As the ways of communication changed, marketing and advertising companies compete with this change. And so, new media was born.

So what is new media? Giving you what includes it will help. Because almost all data communication now happens in desktops, laptops, tabs and mobile phones, technology came up with new media that includes electronic communication through the email, chat rooms, messengers, texts, websites, online communities and forums, virtual environments, etc. About 90% of these are through the use of the internet, or so as to sound techie, we call it the World Wide Web. And as the name indicates, it is world wide. It operates globally.

This is the information age. And it is the age of digital media. It is the age of digital media operating globally with easy access through the internet.

It is why the new media has grown this big–and so fast. It is why advertising and marketing have never been as critical as they are now. It is why there are many studies and innovations on advertising and marketing with new media.

With the products of new media advertising being accessible anywhere and anytime by anyone, advertising and marketing groups’ focus now is building new strategies.

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