The Ad You Relate To

With new technologies available for marketing, brands have developed and improved their creativity in advertising.

If video advertising is already the top marketing program, imagine how combining it with music is like. It is the perfect combination, attracting customers through the senses of vision and hearing. Plus, with the addition of social networking that is enabling easy massive distribution in just a few clicks, there is no doubt that a video-music ad is the ultimate ad a brand can create.

Advertisements are designed to stick to your mind, give you a message that stirs your emotions and urges your thinking to consider the message that the ad is bringing to you. When the message does get into your mind, you think about it a lot. This is how our brain works. It sees or hears something and it processes it. This is the reason why sometimes some people tend to over-analyze.

Bringing music into a video ad is the easiest way to get the viewers attached. Music is in every way attractive because it produces notes of a story. Every person in this planet has a story, and in every story, there is always some chapter in that story that makes it interesting. People relate to that story. And this is where the attachment starts.

And because music can easily be recalled, playing it a couple of times can do the trick.
Remember the classic Mentos’s ad? It was a very smart ad. The video was funny, the music suits it very well and people relate to each situation: there are always those times when you need a fresh-maker. You can find a number of them in this link: Mentos Ad.mentos

When you saw and heard Apple’s ad with U2’s Vertigo, you didn’t think it would catch your attention and stay in your head until you hear it more than once. And the word spreads within your peers. And before you know, both the fans of Apple and U2 are digging the ad.

Entertainment May Not Just Be What You Think It Is


Beware! Entertainment may not just be what you think it is. There is more to the streams where you log on to. To these channels, it is not just plain entertainment anymore.

Video and music channels have always brought us the kind of entertainment that is available anytime and anywhere that has access to a Wi-Fi connection.

For the past years, these channels have been evolving into more of a form of marketing and advertising rather than just plain entertainment, and some sales on the side for premium access, quality or membership.

Now entertainment is more of a form of marketing and advertising than just plain entertainment.

Music and video services websites have evolved to find a way to gain more cash flow. Do you notice the growing number of ads in video channels such as Youtube and uStream? Do you notice the same in music streaming sites like Spotify and Jango?

The number of media streaming websites is growing. Thus, the number of options to place ads over the internet in media streaming websites is also growing. And so, consequentially, the power of marketing and advertising is growing and evolving.

Entertainment always captures viewers. Music and movie lovers favor the rising number of media services; and emerging media services return the favor in a larger amount.

The ‘New Media’


The means to advertise and market has evolved. Many innovations have emerged.

The power of New Media is growing. And this has clearly almost wiped out our old ways of communication. The use of snail mail is disappearing because they it can’t compete with digital mail; and many post offices have either shut down or moved to freight services. The only people who still uses the post office for sending letters are probably those living in remote areas in third world countries. In Australia, one report says that the snail mail service dropped from 5.3 billion to 4.5 billion for the past five years.

As the ways of communication changed, marketing and advertising companies compete with this change. And so, new media was born.

So what is new media? Giving you what includes it will help. Because almost all data communication now happens in desktops, laptops, tabs and mobile phones, technology came up with new media that includes electronic communication through the email, chat rooms, messengers, texts, websites, online communities and forums, virtual environments, etc. About 90% of these are through the use of the internet, or so as to sound techie, we call it the World Wide Web. And as the name indicates, it is world wide. It operates globally.

This is the information age. And it is the age of digital media. It is the age of digital media operating globally with easy access through the internet.

It is why the new media has grown this big–and so fast. It is why advertising and marketing have never been as critical as they are now. It is why there are many studies and innovations on advertising and marketing with new media.

With the products of new media advertising being accessible anywhere and anytime by anyone, advertising and marketing groups’ focus now is building new strategies.